We’re making strides but have a long road ahead, yet.

According to a recent publication released by Hennepin.us in 2016, there have been improvements in the movement against homelessness, but we still have a long way to go especially when tackling the youth population.

Supportive Housing strategies lead the way in reducing crisis services to local community homeless persons.

The publication goes on to say a study of 43 families utilizing two available supportive housing projects in Hennepin County (between 2001-2004) showed the cost of providing Child, Family and Adult Services’ for six months of crisis services to families after they utilizing support housing actually decreased by $6,200 per family. Further research found providing the homeless person population with stable housing and support services does greatly reduce the need for costly crisis care. And, although this is one important factor and one important step in providing sound and financially stable options for housing and services, it fails to address more immediate needs of specific social and skillset support to the youth population.

You can read the End Homelessness 10 Year Initiative publication in its entirety here.

At the end of the day, if we are not able to tackle the reasons our youth find themselves on the streets or bouncing from temporary.-bedroom to temporary-bedroom, we’re fighting an uphill battle. And, if we don’t address their need for direction, education, and health services while they persist in this state of homelessness, then all we’re doing is biding time in another temporary housing facility until they’re back out on the street again.

Skill 4 Life wants to change this direction with supportive education, training, and skills mentoring with local and community business authorities to reroute this trend.

We’re just getting started, but you can support our initiative by helping us raise awareness of the challenge and give generously to aid in the development of the resources we need to take this to the target population, successfully.

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